Tuesday, 18 January 2011


As a photographer and artist it seemed perfectly normal to have photographs taken at the birth of my first child in 1998. This decision -and the various reactions to it- sparked my longstanding interest in the ways birthing is generally represented not as an activity of women in labour, but in terms of the spectacle of the child's arrival into the world. The images I have made are an attempt to reappropriate the subjective experience of birthing.

Following my longstanding interest and research in this subject I decided to retrain as a Midwife in 2011. Then after working independently with The Yorkshire Storks Midwifery Collective for five years I set up my own one-to-one Midwifery Practice Yorkshire Midwife . Independent midwifery has kept autonomy, traditional skills, holistic care and women-centered midwifery at the heart of birthing practices. For information see the links page.

Please see the pages opposite for both my artwork and theoretical research. Much of this work is available for exhibition, and I am happy to present the work at conferences on the subject.

For more information about my other work and areas of interest please visit http://www.claireharbottle.org/ 

Water Birth 2006